Mini Sessions


Small but perfect photo sessions

Mini Sessions are fantastic if you want to try out a photo shoot for the first time. Also, my clients who have had a Family session will often book a Mini Shoot the following year to update their family photography.

My Mini Sessions mornings run on the last weekend of the month from March to October 2017.

Time slots are very limited – book your time slot at the bottom of this page.


Mini Sessions are £100 and include the following :

•email questionnaire sent to you beforehand so that I can find out more about your family

•‘Mini session guide’ with tips about what to wear and how to prepare for your shoot

•30 minute mini photo shoot on location – we can usually get quite a bit of variety during your shoot, including family shots and child portraits.

•secure online gallery with a 15 fully edited images live for 5 days which you can share with family members

•THREE 10×8″ Prints of your choice & the same THREE high resolution digital files to download and print as you wish to any size


What are Mini Sessions?

Mini Shoots are a great opportunity if you just want a few shots, if you want to update your photography, or if you are trying family photography for the first time. The key differences with my Family sessions are that is that Mini Sessions are much shorter, and I shoot several mini sessions in one day. But as a result, they have a lower price to match.

How do Mini Sessions work?

Mini Sessions are scheduled back-to-back with other families on the Mini Session mornings. There are 4 or 5 time slots on each Mini Sessions morning.

How long is a Mini Sessions?

Mini sessions are 30 minutes and we therefore use a limited number of spots for photography. In comparison, my Family sessions are 60 minutes and we do cover some distance during that time so get lots more variety and customise the shoot to choose the most scenic spots.

What’s the difference between the Mini Session and the Family Session?

Two things – time and flexibility.

Mini Sessions are 30 minutes and so we cannot achieve as much variety and as many shots as a Family session which is around 60 minutes long. Mini Sessions are scheduled by me on one morning each month, and I will be photographing 4 families on that morning so we can’t run over time. Because of this, I cannot be as flexible as I would be for a custom session, and so if you have a child who is very reluctant to be photographed or difficult to manage, I would recommend a Family Session. I do have years of experience working with kids and getting them motivated and excited so I rarely have any problems. However, with a Custom Session we customise the whole experience around your family and I would only photograph one family each day so we can time the shoot and choose a location to suit your family.

What shots can I expect?

I aim to get a minimum of 15 images for your online gallery. We will get some variety and I can be guided by you about what is your top priority. As a comparison, after my Family session I will show you 40 images.

Do I need to book?

Booking is essential. Mini Shoots are by appointment only. Simply click below to book your time slot.

What if it’s raining?

I can shoot in any weather except constant rain – so I rarely need to reschedule. However, should we be unlucky enough to have constant rain, I will reschedule your slot to a future mini session morning, free of charge. I do suggest you keep the Sunday (day after) free at the same time, so that if we are rained off we can reschedule to the next day. If you cannot make the following day we can schedule a future date, but as availability is limited it maybe a few months later.

Where are they?

I don’t specify the location until about a week before the date. The reason for this is so that I can select which of my many potential locations is at it’s best on that day. Unfortunately it is quite is impossible to predict seasonal elements months ahead of time.

However I do promise that the location will be a beautiful location within 20 minutes drive of Southport. I always choose locations where there is somewhere easy to park and not too much walking for little legs.