How to prepare

Collect any special props or items you would like to include in your photos

This may be your child’s favourite toy or something which is really sentimental to you as a family and want to include. This is also a great way to focus your child’s attention, should they become restless or need soothing.


Make sure everyone has eaten

No one is happy when they’re hungry. Make sure you have something to eat before hand and have snacks and water on hand just in case (and for bribes!)


Dress for the weather

If it is cold, wear sweaters and coats – they make for great photos or simply just layer up. Layers are perfect for variation in your pictures and make sure you are not too hot or too cold. Happy families make for happy pictures! 🙂


Coordinate your wardrobe, but not too much

 There is a fine line between coordinating and too matchy matchy. Selecting complimentary patterns, or colors (think pastels or varying shades of the same color) are a great way to go. You do not have to match. In fact, it looks better when you don’t. Bring a change of clothes in case you get muddy, have a potty accident, etc. And always bring a couple of accessories like hats or scarves. And a pop of color is a must!


Relax and just have fun

The best photos are the candid ones of you being a family, rather than the posed ones. Get some of those too, but try to just relax, play, and be yourselves. Try not to focus on what you want the result to be and just enjoy the experience. You’ll get the best (and most honest and real) photos that way.