Frequently asked questions

When should I book a bump shoot?

Bump/maternity sessions should be scheduled for around 32-36 weeks, or a little earlier if you are  having twins. However, at some times of year I am booked a few months in advance so I recommend calling me after your 20 week scan to book in. In the weeks leading up to your bump session we may adjust to a slightly earlier or later date if that suits you better. We are just striking a balance between waiting long enough so your bump is large, but not waiting so long that you are tired and uncomfortable, and baby is about to arrive!

When should I book my newborn shoot?

Timing is crucial with newborn shoots to create those sleepy, settled shots. Baby should be aged between 7 to 14 days old for best results but don’t worry if you have left it late, we still have chance to create some magical shots with baby awake.

I recommend getting in contact after your 20 week scan. I only need your due date to get you booked in.

Once you are booked in, I will schedule times for you around your due date. When baby actually arrives {hooray!} just send me a text & I will get back to you with a few choices for your session.

What if my baby is unsettled on the day of the shoot?

Don’t worry! I have had two children of my own and I know how much time and patience is involved. If your little one is unsettled or decides they want a bottle during your shoot I am more than happy to take the time to do so. I always allow an extra half and hour for these moments and this gives us the opportunity to capture some beautiful candid shots whilst you are doing so. Baby’s don’t like staying still for too long or being out of their mother’s arms which is why I love lifestyle shoots. They are tailored to give you and your baby chance to be together though out, so don’t worry I will get some beautiful shots for you!

Do I need to decide what I want before my shoot?

Many clients aren’t sure what they want to do with their photos, even after they have seen the images. My Order Sessions are great to going through all the options and helping you decide.

You absolutely don’t need to decide right now whether you want an album or some framed photos above the fireplace. However, if you have something in mind they please do let me know – I can tailor your shoot to your end goal.

What can I do to prepare?

Newborn shoots take up to an hour and a half, because baby’s needs take priority. We allow time for feeds, nappy changes and soothing baby without invading your space for too long (as I know how precious your alone time together is with all those endless visits!).

For Newborn Lifestyle Sessions we can be a bit more relaxed so baby will only be sleeping for some of the shots, because we are not aiming for that perfect portrait but a real authentic depiction of your new life together. Don’t worry about tidying up before I come to your house either, I really don’t expect parents of a newborn to have a pristine house.

Can you include siblings in my pictures?

A lifestyle shoot is a fantastic way to take the most beautiful images with any older siblings your baby may have (if this is not your first child) and provides the space and relaxing environment in which to do so. It is also a wonderful way to capture you all as a family without need for posing. Just you as you are, relaxed, happy in each other’s presence and in your own loving environment.

How many photos will I see?

For Newborn sessions, I aim to show you 40 images so you have a great mixture of different images and more than enough images to make a spectacular album should you want one.

Can I just buy all the digitals?


However I don’t recommend buying ONLY the digitals. The problem is, as parents, I’m guessing you have pretty busy lives. I want you to be overjoyed by your whole experience with Katie de Silva Photography. But if you only purchase digitals and your USB stick sits in a drawer for 2 years, I know that you won’t feel joy. You’ll only feel stress and guilt!

However, I understand that you want to have the images “forever”. I’m completely with you on that one, so that’s why I include your digitals in my product packages. But before you purchase ONLY digital images please consider if that’s really the best option for you.

When are the best times to book a baby shoot?

The different stages of development present us with a rich variety of opportunities, and it’s amazing the variety of images we can get of baby over the course of the first year.

Newborn – There is nothing more beautiful than your incredible new baby at the start of their life.  For newborn portraits, sessions must be done in the first 10 days of life

Smiles – If you miss the newborn stage, a lovely alternative is a photo shoot at around 3 months of age when baby starts smiling. This is a similar session to a newborn lifestyle session, usually done in your home and capturing you and baby as a family.

Sitting – When baby starts sitting up, at around 6-8 months old, is a magical time for portraits as baby will sit still and respond to mum and dad with wonderful giggles and smiles. It is important to try and time this stage carefully, so they are sitting but not yet crawling away!

Walking – When your child starts walking, around 12 to 18 months of age, suddenly your journey through the toddler years has begun! We can have a lot of fun photographing them exploring the world and toddling along on their own, or holding hands with mum and dad.

…still have questions to ask?

If you would like to know more information or to simply call me for a chat about your ideas & requirements, please feel free to give me a call or send me a message to discuss it further. I love exciting new ideas and would’ve to support you to create something truly meaningful to you and your family.