A little about Katie de Silva


I have always gone out my way to be different from the crowd and create something truly unique in every aspect of my life and this is what fuels me in my passion for photography. I want to create for you a set of images that will blow you away and show you and the world how photography can be the most incredible piece of artwork, stopping time in the most perfect moments for you to relive each time you see them. I am so privileged to be doing what I do and for me as a photographer I feel there is nothing more inspiring and magical about creating the most unique and beautiful images whenever I use my camera and having no expectations of what I will produce. I push myself to be present and in the moment to truly see what is going on around me and to capture the beauty, love, light and laughter in the world from a perspective that not many people notice in day to day life. This is how I create my work and keep it fresh and unique to any other work I produce.


I have always found my passion in my work are the people in my pictures. I see the beauty in everyone I photograph, not only capturing what is going on but the story that each person portrays through my eyes. Everyone has the most incredible soul and character and I see the life and energy that each person has. My greatest joy is capturing laughter and love in the most creative way and getting people to relax and open up around me, to forget what is going on in day to day life and feeling free to be themselves. Those for me are the greatest moments in life which is why I am so passionate about photographing Weddings and families. The bond and the energy when people get together on those occasions is a privilege to witness and capture and I will always take great pride in creating the most incredible work for anyone I work with.


Please contact me for an enquiry brochure which gives full details of my collection.