Hello again!

I am so happy you would love to know more about how I work and what we can create together.

Who you are as a couple…

You love travel and adventure.

You’re relaxed, fun and not traditional and love to break the rules!

You love all the natural shots and can’t wait to go crazy on the dance floor!

You appreciate photography and know that great photography is an investment.

You love images that take you back to every emotion you had on that day because you’ll treasure them forever.

You want fun and relaxed portraits with a photographer who feels more like a friend and who your guests will love! 

How we roll!

  • First of all, your wedding photography and you both are INCREDIBLY important to me and building a great connection together means everything. My purpose is to make you to feel so happy and comfortable around me so you can enjoy your wedding day that you just feel like you just have a friend next to you. This is of course because I love you both AND because this is how I create the images I know you will treasure so much. This is YOUR day and I want you to enjoy every second…and I will capture the moments for you.

  • NATURAL vs CHEESY – I’m all about being in the moment and capturing the love and laughter throughout your day. Natural moments are timeless and I know you will treasure them forever…I promise I will never stop you or ask anyone to say “CHEESE!”

  • Your day should flow and I want you to enjoy every second with the ones you love so YES we will create the most EPIC portraits of you both (ahh, specially during that golden hour!) and NO, I will not make you go off for an hour and a half to do so! I will usually whisk you away at a peaceful time for around ten to fifteen minutes when you are ready and you can have time to enjoy that moment together in your beautiful surroundings. 

  • I want you to GO FOR IT <3 When we create your portraits, I want you just to be together and enjoy the moment…and yup, with all the lovey dovey stuff too! Your pictures are just as important to me as they are to you and I want them to reflect your love for one another. I am here for you both and I will always support you to relax and guide you and I will never make you do something you don’t want to.

  • HAVE FUN! This is your day. Have a blast and soak up every moment!

Extra info

How many images do we get?

I will always deliver a minimum of 350 images, however I usually deliver 450+ (as I do get carried away in the moment!) I will only ever give you quality over quantity though. It is in my heart as an artist to only give you images that will bring you joy and I know you will love forever, all of which will be professional edited by myself.

Do you charge for travel expenses?

I only charge travel expenses if your wedding is more than 70 miles from where I live in Pembrokeshire SA67. Being present and at your wedding on time is vital to me so I would always request accommodation the night before if this is the case as I would never risk driving to you on the day and getting caught in traffic, so by staying close by I am removing that possibility. We can always get together and come up with an arrangement which you are both happy with.

How long until we receive the final images?

I will always send you a couple of sneak peaks a few days after your wedding to keep you excited and give you something wonderful to share with friends and family. You can expect your wedding slideshow (the highlights of your day) and your full wedding gallery four weeks after your day. I will also send you a beautifully engraved walnut keepsake USB & print box to treasure forever.

Do you take formal pictures of our family?

Yes, I certainly do! Whilst it’s not how I shoot throughout the day, it is also important to take these pictures with close family members to give your grandparents and parents something to enjoy in their home (we all know they love them!). We can discuss closer to the time of your wedding which pictures and family members you would like to include (usually up to 8 pictures at most) and select the best time to take them at your discretion.

Do you offer prints and albums?

Yes I do! You and your guests have the option to purchase prints in your online gallery which are ordered straight from a professional printing lab in Scotland (so beautiful!) and sent right to your home <3 You are also free to print them yourselves, however I totally recommend going through a high quality printer as the cheaper labs do not have the same quality finish.

I do offer the most beautiful wedding albums in a variety of styles and colours, from utterly rustic and charming to bright and bold Eco leather covers (for all you animal lovers <3). If you would like to see these at anytime I will bring them with me when we meet or you can request a copy of my brochure at anytime with sizes and pricing. Duplicate copies of your wedding albums at a smaller size are perfect for parents and family members!

We love you! How do we book?

Yay! Thank you so much, I am so excited you love what I do! To book me to capture your day simply head over to my contact page and send me a message so you can tell me about all your exciting plans. I would love to connect too either in person or over the phone as you it is great to build a connection. If you would then like to go ahead I will email you an online booking contract, and also I would take a £350 booking fee to secure your date. Once both of these are sorted, your names are in the diary!

Still have questions?

Don’t worry, I would love to connect with you and help you with any questions you might have. Simply send me a message with your details below and I will contact you as soon as I can.