Hello Tony!

First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to look through my work and all I have to say. It has been so much fun bumping into you over the years at friend’s Weddings and in the Street in Narberth lately… and I know I have been asking you all this time if I can come and photograph the most wonderful festival in the world…but I just can’t let it go!

I know that everyone speaks to you to suck up to get tickets for Glastonbury and I can only imagine how annoying that can be. That’s why, I wanted to create my own way of showing you exactly WHY I am so passionate about being there with you and your incredible team to photograph the stories and hard work that go into creating it all and HOW I can contribute to the Kidz Field and show off this magnificent community for generations to come.

I know you asked me to send you across some links to my work…then I thought that would be pretty boring for you, sifting through years of my work…so I thought I would do it all for you and create your very own webpage! 🙂

Before you go ahead and scroll down in your busy day ahead, I just wanted to tell you exactly where my passions lie and why I am so desperate to come and photograph the stories at Glastonbury…

1. I LOVE people! I have always loved people and how awesomely unique every single person is and their stories of what drives them, what excites them and what makes them, themselves, through their own passions, talents, loves and families…on the outside and inside…each photo has to burst with energy or emotion…that’s what makes a photograph great.

It genuinely is what makes me jump out of bed each day and I am so truly blessed to have this drive in me to capture it with my camera.

2. It was my very first Glastonbury in 2000 that helped me come out of my own shell and decide that I was brave enough and beautiful enough to be who I really want to be, wear what I want to wear and celebrate who I truly am, instead of hiding or pretending to be someone else to keep others happy…and I’ve never looked back since. A celebration of humanity and how being unique is the greatest gift ever!

I was in year 8 at an all girls High School…what a flipping blessing that was at that age…getting to get out of School for this…and wake up to that epiphany! I know for sure that this is where my passion and spark began, not only on my own journey…but for celebrating and encouraging others to be themselves…I now I have the opportunity to show my own two children (Kai, 9 & Maya, 11) what that looks like too and have the time of their lives in the Kidz Field, whilst I help you all.

3. Because I don’t want to go for any gigs, or line ups, or the fashion of it. This is and has always been about the people, the creatives, the culture of Glastonbury and all the stories which create the heart, life & soul of it all. Without which, it could be any festival, but it’s not. Glastonbury has been part of so many lives as you know for generations, and all I want to do is help contribute to this and support all the future generations by documenting the stories of all the magnificent people who are and have created it over the years like yourself and beautiful souls like Alice too.

This is more than a one off for me and it would be the greatest honour to photograph it for you…and I will give it everything I have…and a whole lot more.

Thank you Tony Xx