Wow! The Dare Photo Experience has to be the most amazing thing I have ever done for my career as a photographer and myself. I first signed up to Gary Lashmar’s workshop (aka Marshal Gray Photography) this time last year which kick started my business and helped me take it to a completely new level of photography. The kind of photography I have always captured and helped me feed my soul (…and memory box!).

Once I decided to establish my business I quickly found myself getting stuck into “how I should be photographing people”, “who I should be photographing” and what other photographers are doing. “I should be like them right?” Then I actually gave myself the chance to wake up to myself and to an incredible way of photographing the world and it’s endless events. ¬†How about I take pictures with my own style, being completely present with the people I’m with and with myself so I can actually see what is going on around me? Sounds amazing right? Yes it is a lot harder than it sounds!

For me right now I am practising being present and loving everything I do and doing everything with complete excellence so I can be proud of who I am and how I roll! ;D

Thank you so much to every single person I have met through Dare and for helping me to take my work, my life and my business to the most incredible level! If you wish to know further information and sign up to the next Dare Workshop down in London then check out the Dare Photo Experience Website HERE