If I could invite you to do one thing on your wedding day it would be to embrace everything that happens equally whatever it may be because whatever happens is part of your day.

With regards to your photography I invite you to trust me totally.

On the day I am with the bride early and will begin shooting early long before you are anywhere near ready to go so please do not worry at any stage about how you look for my camera. I shoot for a long period to warm up, to get into the space I need to be in, and I promise that I will only ever share with you photographs you are going to love. The way that I shoot is to capture moments. My approach to taking photographs is photo journalistic and in that I will capture anything and everything.

My intention is to collect beautiful photographs so that I can take them back to my cave and work with them to present a unique and artistic narrative of your day.

Before the big day you will receive from me a fun questionnaire which will inform me of all of the logistics of the day. It will also contain a suggested list of formal shots. My suggestion is to keep the formal shots to an absolute minimum.

My feeling is that you have booked me to create for you an offbeat creative, daring portrait of your day and as willing as I am to accommodate them, formal shots are not the best representation of what I do best.

Go for it! Whatever the weather, whatever the time of day I urge you to allow yourself to be totally in the moment when we are creating our portraits. What I want the most for you both is to have fun and enjoy your wedding day and capture that in your pictures. So let’s have FUN!