I always said to Ines…the day you get married, I will be your wedding photographer! Non the less, living up to our vision togther I got a message 3 months ago saying “Katie, we’re getting married!”. My heart fluttered with excitement and images running through my head of what a magical day it was going to be, and it sure was. After a two hour long skype call together revealing all the last minute preparations they were creating togther, Ines finally revealed her wedding dresses…yes wedding dresses! Fighting her instincts to create the wedding she always dreamed of and rebel against tradition, she had found her perfect dress (yes, the sparkly one!) and to play it safe bought a traditional cream one too. I think I made her wedding day with my excitement when she showed me the dress she’d picked to wear that morning, revealing it to me with the morning sunshine bursting through the window turning lighting up the room like a light through a diamond!

Every moment of the day was precious and meticulously thought out with everything and every one they love involved and Jorge’s family flown in especially from Mexico City. From the readings chosen for the fathers and friends during the ceremony to incredible homemade food and hospitality at her family home in Valladolid, Spain. If I coud ever have dreamed of the perfect, relaxed and intimate wedding…it would be like this!