Scarlett and Finlay met me first thing in the morning at the beautiful Southport Pier for the sweetest photo shoot. We made our way down the sea front to the tide which had just receded, paddling our way through the freezing cold puddles to soak up the gorgeous reflections and patterns in the sand. Scarlett was fantastic and got so stuck in (literally!) wading her way into the water with her cute outfit on. Nothing was phasing these two and their loving looks to each other even warmed the cockles of my heart on this bitter yet beautiful cold morning.

We took ourselves up to the Pier to see what else we could find while it was wonderfully quiet and enjoying the warm spring sunshine up on deck. By this time Scarlett and Finlay were more than happy in their own little world together, having fun creating their own compositions and being playful. I had so much fun with them and I can’t wait to work with them again.