Hello everyone! …So it’s the start of the beautiful summer and the build up to endless weeks of half terms, summer weekends and then the summer holidays with the little ones at home. I love to spend time with them AND as they have so much attention and entertainment at school they soon become easily bored.

Anyone who knows me knows how much of a crazy mother I am and I have my kids doing all sorts of things (all for next to nothing or free!). I feel so excited when I find a new idea and something creative for them to do which will keep them entertained and away from the TV. They can be the most exciting adventures, new experiences and fresh challenges for them and super educational too without them even realising 😉

So I have complied a list of my top 30 activities to inspire you and help you to create them most wonderful memories with your children. I have added a few to my bucket list too!

  1. Have a Sunset picnic at a park or the beach
  2. Kids picnic adventurepick somewhere on a map to a place you’ve never been, take a picnic and explore your surroundings
  3. Create a water park in the back gardenTurn on the sprinkler, get the paddling pool out and bring out the water guns! 
  4. Build a Fort in your living roomusing the cushions, blankets and/ or cardboard boxes
  5. Have a sleep over with movies and pop corn
  6. Go Gruffalo hunting in the woods
  7. Hold a sandcastle competition on the beach
  8. Make a bug hotelfrom all the free branches and pine cones you can find on a trip to the nearest woods/ park
  9. Write stories together 
  10. Plant a gardenpaint/ decorate their own pots or containers, sew their own seeds and watch them grow over the summer
  11. Bake cakes & let them decorate!
  12. Create a family Scrap bookdraw pictures & write funny stories about your family members
  13. Go on a nature trail – create a list of insects and animals to find
  14. Make a time capsule
  15. Play hide and seeka favourite in our house…and in the playground with no where to hide!
  16. Visit a farm
  17. Campout in the garden and stargaze
  18. Have a dance partyplay songs and let them boogie!
  19. Have a Tea partybring out the fancy plates, fill them with treats & snacks then get dressed up
  20. Set up a spapaint your kids nails, do each other’s hair and let them put make up on you!
  21. Go puddle jumping!
  22. Go on a bike ride
  23. Have a dressing up competition
  24. Create a family play
  25. Finger painting session
  26. Create a treasure hunt (and then leave clues around the house)
  27. Fly Kites
  28. Make hot cocoa and toast marshmallows on the BBQ
  29. Take a hike along your nearest nature trail
  30. Let the kids wash the car! (the more bubbles the better!)